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    High-Resolution HD music for your listening pleasure.
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    Timeless elegent design. Crafted from aluminum.
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The high fidelity audio experience for the next generation.

AUDIOTWISTER is your complete solution for playing music in the highest quality directly from your own devices. Simply connect to your computer, notebook, tablet or AT station's USB port and immediately enjoy your favorite music in optimum resolution without loss of data and time transferring to a dedicated hi-fi system. The latest high-resolution music (HD audio) is not available on CD or disc, but only digitally streamed from the Internet and with AUDIOTWISTER you can play this highest quality music directly from your connected device. AUDIOTWISTER is your best connection to the live music of your favorite artist.

Soundsystem Komplettlösung
Ready to use, without any complicated installation.
Play your locally stored data without detour.
Compact, high-quality design.
Extremely powerful.

So much technology in such a small package.

Amazing how so much technology fits into such a small form. With a size simular to an external hard drive, it produces the sound quality of a full size high fidelity system. In addition to high audio quality, AUDIOTWISTER provides sound powerful enough to effortlessly fill a large lounge with concert level music.

Mini High-End Soundsystem
AUDIOTWISTER Standard speaker

Larger angle of sound for more music enjoyment.

Maximum radiation, for the best experience. Uncompromised quality so you can enjoy your favorite music throughout the room.

Impressive bass

The subwoofer is extremely powerful despite its compact dimensions. The bass is vibrant and deep, as you would expect from a much larger system. Even at high volumes, the bass remains crisp, stable and distortion free.

With an overall height of only round about 0,5m, the subwoofer is easily integrated into a variety of environments.


Uncompressed, digital music enjoyment.

With most audio player solutions, especially when streaming music or radio, the audio signal is compressed before transmission which causes significant loss of audio quality. AUDIOTWISTER uses the original signal and sends it uncompressed in the highest possible resolution directly to the speakers, for maximum dynamics and perfect sound.

Your Choice of Software

Maximum freedom by choosing your preferred software.
Use your personally favorite software for playing and managing your music. Whether iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp, or any other popular playback software. Simply use your familiar existing environment. No constraints. No limits. Simply your music.

High Digital Sampling rate

The higher the digital scan sampling rate per second and conversion back into an analog signal, the closer the audio wave becomes to the original recording. AUDIOTWISTER digital sampling rate of 384,000 per second surpasses even commercial systems by many times.

1x 4x 8x CD sampling Blu-Ray sampling AUDIOTWISTER sampling


The AUDIOTWISTER body is sculpted from a single piece of aluminum receiving a slim form and additional features such as the nearly indestructible body, excellent thermal distribution and an extremely compact fashionable design unique in it's class.

AUDIOTWISTER Custom Crafted Speakers

To meet the high demands on design and sound quality, we custom manufacture our own speakers. Using only the highest quality components, our speakers have a distinct advantage over high-volume products and produce superior sound.

hochwertige Lautsprecher

Extend your Music with a Second Set of Speakers

AUDIOTWISTER is powerful and extendable with a second set of speakers. You have the choice to double your music enjoyment to additional rooms.

Zweites Lautsprecher-Set

Small size. Big in sound.

The main Board of the AUDIOTWISTER, with an area that is only slightly larger than a business card, is equipped with the best components. The Board with a total thickness of 1,6 mm, consisting of 6 individual layers, is powerful to operate enough to equal 2 complete audio zones with music in quality and performance. This power density, paired with the feature set is unique on the world market.

Precise Mids and highs.

Mids and highs that make a voice sound a person sitting directly opposite. At AUDIOTWISTER, only the best parts and coils are used, excellent power and acoustic superiority. The distinctive fine, clear and undistorted sound of AUDIOTWISTER is produced together with the high quality membranes, which can also score by a level fixed playback, although it will be even louder.

Klangstarke Lautsprecher

Live in harmony with nature

AUDIOTWISTER is not only a commitment to uncompromising quality, but also a guarantee that we will pay attention to regional values during production, and that the components used mainly rely on natural materials. Our products are mainly made of materials such as wood, aluminum, stainless steel and insulation material even from washed and degreased wool from Inntaler Sheeps. And since we find that it fits better to the product, we process only the wool of black sheep.

Schwarzes Schaf

Best Quality. High Manufacturing Standards.

Developed and produced in Germany, more precisely in the greater Munich area. With our Know-How acquired from years of experience and the application of the latest technologies, AUDIOTWISTER offers superior quality, durability and innovation which is focused on the things most important to you. Experienced product designers, modern automated precision assembly combined with high quality handcraft form the basis for these advanced products.

A manufacturing process aligned with research and development which spans the entire value added chain from initial assembly of components through quality control and onto delivery and installation, guaranties an optimal balance of price and performance and ensures customer satisfaction.

AUDIOTWISTER is available directly online with fast and secure ordering. If you have questions, we are glad to be of assistance.

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